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Should you take preventive antibiotics before a dental visit?   Many types of dental work, even routine cleanings, can cause bleeding.  This allows bacteria from the mouth to enter the blodostream and travel to other sites in the body.  For most people, the immune system disposes of these intruders without a problem.  In the presence of certain heart abnormalities, however, bacteria traveling in the blood can gain access to the heart's inner lining or valves.  The resulting infection, know as endocarditis,  can cause lasting damage to the heart muscle. 

People with artificial joints may also need to take antibiotics before having dental work.  Bacteria from your mouth can potentially travel to the joint, triggering an infection in the prosthesis.  The current recommendations state that all patients who have a total joint replacement in the past two years should take antibiotics preventively.  After two years, only certain individuals in high-risk situations need to continue the practice.

If you have a condition that puts you at greater risk of developing bacterial infection, be sure to tell your dentist, periodontist and other doctors.  Also, if you have taken antibiotics before having dental work in the past, be sure to talk to your doctor about how the guidelines apply to you before your next check up.


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