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Practicing good oral hygiene and receiving regular dental exams are critical to good oral health.  The signs and symptoms of cavities and other oral health problems can vary depending on their extent and location.  For instance, when a cavity is just beginning, you may not have any symptoms at all.  You may not be aware that a cavity is forming, and once the decay penetrates through the enamal it can advance rapidly.  If it reaches the nerve of the tooth one treatment option is a root canal and crown.  Another option is extraction, however, lost teeth contribute to other issues such as poor bite, poor chewing, possible TMJ problems and poor facial support.  The options to replace lost teeth are coslty.  Partial dentures, porcelain bridges, dental implants are hundreds to thousands of dollars more than you would have paid for a simple filling.

Dental problems treated early are smaller, more comfortable, easier to treat, and less expensive.


Daniel Colgan

 Dr. Colgans office provides gentle, compassionate care to all of our patients at our dental practice in Liberty MO. We make your comfort and dental health our top priority.

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