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September 07, 2012
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Is fruit juice worse for your teeth than soda?  Many of us resist soft drinks and other sugary treats to keep tooth decay at bay,  reaching instead for fruit juice.  But this may not be any better for our teeth, as it's not just the sugar in drinks that's the problem.

Many of our favorite drinks, especially juices and sodas, contain citric acid that can disolve the hard structures of your teeth (the enamel and any exposed roots), leaving the inner parts of teeth exposed.  This leads to sensitivity.  While dark cola drinks are the worst offenders, some highly acidic juices can do more damage to your teeth than other soft drinks. 

Juices and soft drinks also contribute to dental erosion by making the mouth more acidic, providing the perfect growing environment for the bacteria that causes dental cavities. Even sugar free drinks contain the same acids as other soft drinks.  Sports drinks have similar ingredients , and often when you drink them , you are dehydrated and your teeth dont have the protective effects of saliva.

You can protect your teeth from these acids by rinsing your mouth with tap water, or chewing sugar free gum. Don't sip your drink over several hours and drink them through a straw. 

If you limit these drinks to occasional treats both your teeth and body will thank you.


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